7 July 2017

Limping towards the weekend like...

Image result for exhausted crawling in desert

My God, is it just me being pregnant and exhausted or does every week seem longer than the last at the moment? We are all shattered over here in the shire, nerves are rattling and tempers are frayed. I'm not sure I'll make it to next Friday without throwing one of my children out of a window?! 


Here's little dot at our latest scan...crazy how much they grow in such a short amount of time; he now looks less like a kidney bean and more like human bean!!

And here's the nappy bag I treated myself to when we got a clean bill of health! Except in the end I think I ordered it in grey...I can't bloody remember?! Will let you know what it's like when it rocks up.

Have a long list of things to do...have been just about keeping on top of the laundry but then it has just been piling up in the utility room until someone shrieks 'I haven't got any pants?!!' at 7.55am in a morning. So that mountain really needs tackling before we officially run out of clothes in our drawers. I've also got to walk to the bank - why must people insist on paying me with cheques? Bastards. I hate cheques. I don't WANT your bloody cheques. I want cold hard cash or an online transfer like a NORMAL PERSON. FFS!

What else? Buy shampoo. Ring someone about railway sleepers for Husband. Shop for supper for friends coming over tonight. Find out how much it costs for CBeebies Land. Sell a kidney to fund tickets for CBeebies Land. The list is endless... Best crack on or I'll sit down and it will be game over.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. It's the Newport Show over this way so we'll be spending tomorrow looking at sheep and tractors with two small excitable boys!! Then they're having a sleepover at Nana's in their brand new bunkbeds before ski lessons on Sunday. Husband and I are going to celebrate our child-free evening by...going to bed early. Can. Not. Wait!! x

5 July 2017

Wassup Wednesday?!

Morning friends. Hope your Wednesday is off to a crackin' start...?

Two things to tell you about:

Firstly, and this is frankly the more important of the two, this week is CAPSULE WARDROBE week on The Spike. Written by the hilarious Esther Coren, she is always right on the mark, but this week she is knocking it out of the ballpark. Just had kids? Changing jobs or moving house to a new patch? Lost your way slightly when trawling Zara and Mango? This woman knows what you should buy to wear and doesn't mess about. Instant easy to wear wardrobe. Have already purchased some new espadrilles (day one was shoes!) and two new grey tshirts (day two was tops!) Head across and check it out forthwith, it is life changing! I genuinely skipped through the school run this morning knowing I was heading home to read the latest suggestions...

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.19.57

Also, she often includes pictures like this which are nothing remotely to do with the subject of her blog posts but frankly, swing it for me every time!

Secondly, this Mama is pregnant!! 

(That is, in fact, a baby. Not just a kidney bean I ate last week!)

Took a bit longer that I was expecting, tiny bundle is due to arrive in January when all my OCD planning was aiming for a June delivery (like, you know, June just gone!) but hey, I can only work with what I've got and I blame Husband's lazy swimmers ;-) We are beyond thrilled. I say 'beyond thrilled', what I really mean is that Husband is a little shocked and keeps chuntering 'it'll be fine, it'll be fine' and I feel so sick and tired that I haven't really had chance to process it at all really. We haven't told the boys yet because January seems sooooo far away so the poor little buggers haven't got a clue why Mama keeps falling asleep at the dinner table or why they keep getting served beans on toast. Again. For the fourth time this week. Luckily, they're both pretty chilled kids who don't notice a lot so haven't protested or twigged...! I think we'll wait until the summer holidays and then maybe sit them down and share the news? We've had an early scan and seen a heartbeat so we're quietly confident all will be well (as confident as you can be at any stage, if you know what I mean?) and have our 12 week routine one tomorrow. So yes. Sorry if I've been a bit quiet. I've been asleep!!

So that's it. A baby for this Mama but MORE IMPORTANTLY some much needed advice about what the heck to wear when it pops out (after Boy I went through a ridiculous phase of only buying print Boden wrap dresses...rather bizarre?!) Get your butts over to The Spike and let me know what you think xx

4 July 2017

A bit of life lately AND some shopping inspiration

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Where do the weeks keep disappearing away to? We only have 8 days left of school which means 8 days left of being a Year 1 Mama *cue sobbing!! How is that even possible?

Life just feels so incredibly busy at the moment. Yesterday I took the ridiculous decision to take Puppy to the vets after the school run (he still needs weighing for the right dosage of worming pills) WHY didn't I do this job today when I have no small children with me? Lord knows. No, I decided to take both children with me on this errand. So there we all were, at 4.30pm, tired and snack-ready, the Puppy acting like a 25kg dead weight on a lead because he was so nervous, Toddler running in and out of the sliding doors onto the busy carpark like a nutjob and Boy announcing he needed a poo at the top of his voice in a crowded waiting room. I've got to be honest, at one point I almost walked out and left them all there ;-)

So yes, this Mama is busy, stressed and frankly, looking for any way to make her life easier right now. Have embraced the online grocery shopping, am turning down playdates left, right and centre, am just trying to slow down time and focus on these last few days of having a year 1 child before it slips out of my fingers and is gone forever...

There are still things that must be done, however. Right now, I have end of year teacher gifts to organise, a baby shower gift to organise and Godfather's first wedding anniversary looming. These special events will not celebrate themselves! So I've done what every organised Mama does and turned to the internet. Easy, convenient, delivered to your door...perfection.

My latest discovery for unique gifts and treats is Uncommon Goods, the site is bursting with really lovely things and gives endless inspiration when you're up against the clock with little to no mental energy left to expend on what should be such a fun task (damn you, motherhood!) It also has an impressive mission statement that highlights how well it treats its employees (healthcare!) and emphasises the lengths the company goes to to reduce consumption of paper (more online business, less bulky catalogues in the post that people immediately throw out!)

Here's couple of things that caught my eye when I was browsing around late last night...

For Godfather and his beloved (I checked out the tab of gifts for anniversaries which all fit the bill nicely):

Custom Map Pillow

Custom Map Pillow of where they were married

Oval Oak Wine Carafe

Oval Oak Wine Carafe

I Still Live With My Parents Babysuit
Vest (she would find this hilarious!)

Bamboo Suction Baby Plate Set
Bamboo set - am a sucker for unique bowls and cutlery!

Solar System Bath Bombs Set
Solar system bath bombs, educational AND luxurious!

Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles

Soothe the Soul candles to relax after a long school year.

So there you have it. Quick and easy and now I have one less thing to sort out on my very long list. Which gives me time to race to a yoga session in town!

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday guys, and let me know if you find anything awesome on Uncommon Goods!! See you all soon x

23 June 2017

Life Lately

Am aware I've been off the grid for a while this time, and for that I apologise. It's been for a number of reasons, some still relevant and causing writer's block...but I started to miss my little blog last week and for the first time in a long time, wanted to sit down and write something. So, hello! Here's some random pics from the last 6 weeks to get you up to date with life in the shire...

Yup, this can only end badly...

Sweet, memory-making activity that left this Mama mainly concerned about mucky handprints on my walls...

Puppy had his very first sicky bug, gak! Continues to grow at rate of knots...

Beautiful Toddler Boy chilling out max and reading a book

Pulled Boy out of school for our annual skip-day and hit up Legoland. Top tip - go on a Thursday in term time, the place was empty!!

Lazy Sunday mornings are the best!!

Had a busy few days over half term finishing off the forest school ready for children. It looks AMAZING!

Check out my little athlete, airborne!!

Enjoying the heatwave...

...but sometimes it's a bit hot so we just lie around in our pants with the dog!

So yeah, that's life in the shire right now. Bet you didn't realise how much you missed those updates, did you?!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. We are off out for Nana's birthday icecream party (a month early, who knows why?!) and then it's our huge Cancer Research Luncheon for 180 people on Sunday. On Monday I'll be ready for a day-long nap. 

Enjoy the sun xx

21 June 2017

Husband Hatred

I recently read this:

If you have to argue, do it properly and constructively


and promptly bought this:


We're going through a rough patch. Is it obvious? But I don't really want to kill him (even though sometimes I think I do...) so I'm making an effort. Wish us luck!