12 December 2016

Tree sneaky peek

Sorry, sorry, sorry, Christmas life is so mentally busy...there are no apologies, just excuses! I'll stop...

Tree is finally up, woo, and Puppy is doing so well with his toilet training. Only 5 accidents in 4 days and four of those were when Husband was in charge (surprised? no-one? really?!) Life is a bit jam-packed really and we are all beginning to limp a little...only five days left of school though and then we can really relax into the festive period.

Here's some photos from the last week...

The finished article. 2 feet shorter than last year due to stupid dog crate taking up all the space. Boo. Still...lovely!

Toddler is petrified of Puppy...

Kindergarten Teacher left her car here overnight Friday...Boy offered to wash it on Saturday morning as an act of advent kindness!

School runnings

He got a LOT of fuss!

Making friends with Dog

Right, am off to drink a large G&T and flick through my Nigella Christmas book to make a huge shopping list. Then I really need to wash my hair. And fold some laundry. And load the dishwasher. Aargh...

7 December 2016

Lost and Found

Found third wise man...he had been kidnapped and locked inside the model church that has fairy lights inside. He's had a warm bath and a hot meal, PTSD counselling and has been returned to the manger scene. Every time Toddler walks past I swear he shudders!

5 December 2016

Unpacking Christmas

December is officially here and that means...advent can commence!! Calendars are up, mince pies can be consumed, decorations are being brought downstairs box by box, Michael Buble is on repeat... I'm so happy!!

Took a few photos of the things we've unpacked so far. It's only been 5 days and already a wise man has gone awol from the manger scene (I blame Toddler...?) and a bauble has been smashed. And on Friday we get a new puppy. Yeah, this will be fine, no problem at all!! Pass the festive cocktail!!

(NB Remember to hit the New Year sales and buy Christmas decorations to put into storage, we opened last January's shopping bags the other night and it was so much fun opening all these beautiful things we had totally forgotten about!!)

Christmas books in the boys' room - this is just 6 of 42!!

This Santa was bought for me in Switzerland by my Dad years ago and cost a fortune...and it's Dog's favourite, he is always carrying it round in his mouth when the doorbell rings!

My sister bought me this at the German Market last year, LOVE IT!! See that Santa? He just got smashed. I give in :-(

Light-up church £35 in Telford...£9.99 in Aldi!! Woo!!

So that's how far I've got, tree is being purchase at some indeterminate point in the next 5 days...yet to be decided. I am coming down with a cold and swamped with school-related errands as well as finishing the regular Christmas shopping, organising all the puppy paraphernalia we need and doing the food shopping online. I need more Benylin...

And here's the latest picture of Puppy!! 4 days to go...

Back on Wednesday, she says, maybe, perhaps!! Am off to put up a puppy crate...

30 November 2016

Extended silence...

Massive apologies, blogging has been bumped so far down my ridiculous to-do list that I haven't even been able to think about it for the last 2 weeks other than to feel guilty and slack every so often.

We have the Christmas Fair at school looming, Christmas itself which we are hosting at our house coming fast, countless school-related things that need permission slips and bottle donations and funky jumpers, Husband working away for more hours than he's at home (always helpful when you have shit loads on!) and a new fireplace being fitted (my GOD that was a bigger job than I anticipated!) Not to mention buying those 8 annoying gifts you HAVE to get sorted in November in order to get them wrapped and posted in time because you won't see the recipients until February...

It's been kinda busy! I've missed you guys ;-)

So today here is a round up of photos from life lately in the shire. I'd write more but this morning I found out that Boy needs an innkeeper costume...for next Tuesday. Incredible!

Kisses for Mama

It was at THIS point in proceedings that I really regretted my decision...

...but then this happened so it was all OK again. Ready for the blue paint!

Heading out on the town with Yummy Mummy. Jumpsuit available here 

Regular Saturday morning, wake up, colour in a helmet... 

Pimp my ride!

God I wish it was still spa day!!

Life of Riley!!

Shower yoga

It's exhausting being 2!


Dancing like the chimney sweeps!

Forest walks with my 4 greatest loves.

AND...because life isn't busy enough...we're adding a new member.

Meet Boot (henceforth to be referred to as 'Puppy'!)

I must be clinically insane, but the boys are both smitten and Husband was the instigator so... he comes home next Sunday. Wish me luck...and send gin!!

Must dash to Asda on an emergency costume run. Swimming this morning might have to be bumped off the list, sorry Toddler :-(

So nice to be back, will try to drop in on Friday!! xx

16 November 2016

Need some Christmas baubles?

Am just gonna leave this right here...

Image result for gin baubles

Why yes, they ARE baubles filled with GIN to hang on your Christmas tree. You are welcome. Thanks to Posh Mama for the heads up... follow this link and sign up to find out when the next batch are available to buy!! 

14 November 2016

Bloody buggery hell

So when we moved house we acquired a log burner in the snug. Husband nearly pee'd his pants with glee and we have used it multiple times in the last 18 months. The chimney breast it sits inside had been swept the winter before we moved in but we shamefully neglected to have it done last year. Cue me this autumn realising that, if you want a chimney sweep to come and sort out your fireplace in time for the cold weather, apparently you need to call them in May. FFS.

Anyway, many many phone calls later we found a guy who could fit us in. We still had to wait 4 weeks but since it was that or wait until February we booked him and sat back thinking, oh yay, soon we'll be able to use the fire again.

No. It's never that easy is it?

Last Tuesday, aforementioned chimney sweep arrived, set up, looked up the chimney and promptly announced that he couldn't actually do the job since the chimney isn't lined (which isn't a massive issue, but advised), that there's no proper hatch for cleaning away the mess and that there's a piece of plasterboard sitting inside the hearth that could, and I quote, 'burst into flames at any moment'. Fucking hell.

So, last Wednesday a stove installer arrived to assess the job, only to agree with everything the chimney sweep had said AND to add that the stove itself is pretty much next to useless. He can restore it for £100 (small glimmer of hope!) but considering it's a 7kw stove we really should have an air vent drilled through the wall which will add to the building costs so it may well be better to buy a whole new 5kw stove. I mean. I ask you. You can't make this shit up.

We have gone from knowing nothing about the damn thing to having to do a wealth of research, being totally overwhelmed and facing a bill of anything ranging from £1500-2500. In the month before Christmas. When we had budgeted £40 for a sweep. Balls!

All is not lost, however. Have embraced the situation as an opportunity to shop and decorate. Lo, here is the new paint colour for the chimney breast...

Image result for juniper ash chimney breast

Image result for charnwood c5

And here is the new stove that is (God willing) being fitted in the next two weeks.

So yes, no Christmas gifts for Husband or I, but a new fire so we can at least sit in the warm and weep! Could be worse...

11 November 2016

Happy Friday

Well...what a week. I have nothing to say that hasn't already been articulated all over your Twitter feed, so let's just hug those babies a little harder this weekend and stay strong in our resolve to raise them to be kind and gentle and fair and true. We can't control what happens outside but we CAN control what happens within our own four walls. I keep reminding myself of this when I get upset. And I'm not even American! Imagine...urgh!

On top of the presidential fuck-up, we've also received the news this week that our log fire is unsafe and needs replacing. Cue a huge bill we were not expecting. Eco Mama had to cancel our coffee date today when we really needed a catch-up and my John Lewis shopping evening with Nana was interrupted by yet another work emergency at Husband's office.

But...let us be positive. Friday has arrived and the long, sweet, well-needed weekend is stretched out infront of us. Yippee!! Husband is in Barcelona (again) but rubbly is cancelled so no freezing start to Sunday morning for this Mama (woo!) Kindy Teacher is coming over for coffee after school and I have chosen lovely new paint for the chimney breast in the snug.

We have Goddaughter's birthday celebrations tomorrow, followed by a bonfire party at Dentist Mama's house so I think Sunday will be the Remembrance service at church followed by Disney movies and hot chocolates under a blanket.

Enjoy the weekend, folks. Hand out kisses and smiles wherever you can, the world needs it!

Image result for FRIDAY COFFEE

9 November 2016

An Update

So, after Monday's post I went back and read a few entries just to refresh my memory of what we were chatting about and what I'd promised to tell you about before I fell down the black hole that was half term...and I noticed that my previous post ended with 'back on Friday with some exciting news...' ...and I've got to be honest. I have no idea what I was referring to?? How random.

Possibly it was the Gin Tasting day I went on with the girls last Saturday? SOOOO much fun. Six different gins with six different tonics...and a lot of gin general knowledge which started off fascinating but wound up falling on deaf ears as the afternoon (and the gin consumption) wore on!

Held at the Loki Wine Bar in Birmingham, this little place is a total gem and the afternoon was wonderful. Definitely check it out if you fancy some top notch wine knowledge or some comedy gold gin tasting, they know their stuff. At £40 pp it isn't cheap but def worth it, we all had a great time. The next one is being held on 7th January and you can book tickets here.

Gin, all the gin!!

After we'd drunk all the gin we walked the short distance to The Botanist on Temple Street. I'd never been before but the food was uh-mazing (that's not just the gin talking!) and there was cocktails in watering cans AND live music...what else do you need in life? 

Because we are all hip and cool and were out on the town sans children we did what all hip and cool young things do...headed to John Lewis for a few hours nag-free browsing. Loved this Christmas matryoshka that had a teeny tiny Baby Jesus hiding in the centre!!

And, in non gin-related news, Boy has discovered Snap Chat this holiday. This was him showing Nana how it works!

And we fell in love with Quarry Park all over again last week after spending the day there with Posh Mama and her girl. Every time we visit Shrewsbury I come home and look for houses online! Such a great spot.

And, purely for viewer pleasure, here's Toddler getting ready for a trip to the farm shop. Such a cool dude!!

That's a bit of life lately here in the shire...this week has been a bit more mundane so far and a LOT colder, we've been forced to wear gloves and put the cosy toes back on the Bugaboo (how I wish I was 2 again and someone pushed me around all day!)

Am off to John Lewis tonight for a Christmas Shopping Event, am hoping to snag those Russian dolls for the boys as well as make a start on my present shopping. Wish me luck!

See you all on Friday xx