5 December 2016

Unpacking Christmas

December is officially here and that means...advent can commence!! Calendars are up, mince pies can be consumed, decorations are being brought downstairs box by box, Michael Buble is on repeat... I'm so happy!!

Took a few photos of the things we've unpacked so far. It's only been 5 days and already a wise man has gone awol from the manger scene (I blame Toddler...?) and a bauble has been smashed. And on Friday we get a new puppy. Yeah, this will be fine, no problem at all!! Pass the festive cocktail!!

(NB Remember to hit the New Year sales and buy Christmas decorations to put into storage, we opened last January's shopping bags the other night and it was so much fun opening all these beautiful things we had totally forgotten about!!)

Christmas books in the boys' room - this is just 6 of 42!!

This Santa was bought for me in Switzerland by my Dad years ago and cost a fortune...and it's Dog's favourite, he is always carrying it round in his mouth when the doorbell rings!

My sister bought me this at the German Market last year, LOVE IT!! See that Santa? He just got smashed. I give in :-(

Light-up church £35 in Telford...£9.99 in Aldi!! Woo!!

So that's how far I've got, tree is being purchase at some indeterminate point in the next 5 days...yet to be decided. I am coming down with a cold and swamped with school-related errands as well as finishing the regular Christmas shopping, organising all the puppy paraphernalia we need and doing the food shopping online. I need more Benylin...

And here's the latest picture of Puppy!! 4 days to go...

Back on Wednesday, she says, maybe, perhaps!! Am off to put up a puppy crate...

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