9 March 2016

The most random Chelsea boot news...

Ok, so my new blog crush is Jo from Everyday Jo. If you haven't checked her out yet then do so, the girl is seriously stylish!

She recently posted a picture of herself wearing some skinny jeans, a long navy coat and the cutest pointy black Chelsea boots I've ever seen.

I have 2/3 of that outfit, I thought. If I can just get my hands on those boots I too will become slimmer and stylish, I thought. (That's how my head works when it comes to wardrobe shopping, terribly trigger-happy, dangerously expensive and hideously inaccurate but there you have it. I'm a lost cause!!)

Anyway, off I duly raced to Warehouse and lo, the boots were both massively reduced and THEY ONLY HAD ONE PAIR LEFT IN MY SIZE!!! It's a sign, weeee, happy times, once they arrive I will look AWESOME... I bought them immediately. 

They arrived, I did a happy dance, ripped open the packaging, they were a big fat 'no'. Turns out the pointy element meant I really needed to order the next size up if I wanted to be able to, you know, walk in them?! 

I sat for a long time on the dressing room floor (I'd have stood infront of the mirror but it hurt to stand in them!) and seriously considered foot surgery but finally, reluctantly succumbed to the agony and put them back in the bag to return. 

Sigh. I hate it when a well thought out plan doesn't work ;-)

Anyway, this afternoon Baby and I had a few hours free so we zoomed up to Telford with Posh Mama to see if we could find the aforementioned sacred black Chelsea boots (preferably with a slight point) AND THIS IS THE FREAKY BIT. We were mooching around Zara when I spotted someone wearing the beloved Warehouse boots. "Oh look, Posh Mama," I wailed, "they're the boots, they're the ones I ordered last week that were too small..." And then I realised. It was Jo! How random is that? 

Turns out she lives about an hour away from us. Obviously, I only know this because I checked her blog in more detail when we got home and sent her a message on Instagram. In the middle of Zara, given the perfectly normal opportunity to say 'hi', I scuttled away like an odd teenage stalker who had lost the ability to speak?? #soproud

Anyway, exciting fashion blogger spot aside, we carried on to House of Fraser where they were running a special on Dune boots that I hadn't clocked online. 

No, they're not pointy. And no, they weren't reduced to £25. But they're black and comfy and classic and I kinda like them. 

Is it sad that I am looking forward to tomorrow's school run a little bit just so I can wear them? Like I said, I'm a lost cause. 

In other news from the shire, Husband brought home a dirty curry for dinner (nom!), Boy only wailed for 13mins at swimming (progress!), Baby has been dry all day (the child is a toilet-training marvel!) and Dog hasn't been sick in 12 hours so can now have his tea (little bastard kept me up 4-5.30am feeling rough last night. I swear, if it's not one child or the other it's the dog!)

Am off to move the washing into the dryer and then whack another load in before curling up in bed with a new book. Haven't forgotten my March goals ;-)

Hope you've all had a productive Wednesday xx

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