11 March 2016


Is it just me or are these babies everywhere at the minute??

The ubiquitous skinny jeans BUT with an odd, rippled section around the knee/thigh area. For all those times you go out on your motorbike, clearly?!

Anyway, since I usually clock these things, ponder on them for months, finally come round to adoring them only to find out they are no longer anywhere to be found...I have jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a pair from River Island that Avril tried on last week. Khaki instead of the usual black. We shall see how they fit. Haven't bought anything from River Island since I was at university!!

So, it's Friday and the sun is shining. Baby and I are off to the play barn in a moment with the twins before racing home to nap/defrost the fridge freezer. Guess which job is his and which is mine?! Would you believe I had to google 'how to defrost your fridge' and lo, an article from Pinterest popped up and said to use de-icer. Fucking genius!! (Is that safe? Might google again...)

(Disclaimer: This is not our fridge. We don't have that much icecream!)

This afternoon Nana is coming over and collecting Boy from school ON HER OWN (his explicit instructions, clearly he thinks I was born yesterday and don't realise it's all a ploy to get her to take him to Costa!!) and Husband and I are out tonight for a long overdue meal at the local pub. Can't remember the last time we did date night without another couple or group of friends. Gee, better make a list of potential conversation topics ;-)

Tomorrow is the school open day followed by a joint birthday party. On Sunday we will indeed be resting!! Yawn!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I hope the sun lasts!

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