2 August 2015

Random purchase

Nipped up to the big town earlier because word on the grapevine was that they'd opened a new section of the park with sprinklers and water jets etc...and since I have two water-mad children, a Husband who was desperate to spend some time in the garden and the sun was due to make an appearance I figured it was worth investigating.
Verdict? It's true, there is indeed a new section of water fun but it's pretty basic. Baby fell asleep just as we arrived at the damn place (bad timing on my part) but Toddler had a blast and I only had one wet child to wrestle back into clothes at the end of it all so I suppose it was a successful trip out on the whole.
BUT that's not the reason for this post. Whilst I was in town I took advantage of the fact that their Boots was open (damn you tiny town where we live, everything apart from Subway is closed here on the Sabbath!) and nipped in to grab the 4/5 items that were on the 'to grab' list. You know the thing, you need nothing when you're doing the online Asda shop but as soon as it all gets unloaded into your hallway you run out of deodorant, toothpaste, shower gel, moisturiser, eyeliner...it's endless. Anyway, Baby was still snoozing so in we raced, grabbed armfuls of random bits and bobs and BAM, right there at the counter was a tube of Lanolips Golden Ointment with a £2 sticker on it.

This stuff retails at £17.99! I took a cursory glance to see if it was half-used/tampered with/out-of-date but to honest, even if it HAD been there's a fair chance I'd have still bought it at that price. This stuff is glorious, I've used it before way back when but had completely forgotten about it until I saw it there, sitting on the clearance shelf, waiting for me to take it home. It's a moisturiser which is described as 'very, very rich', smells of honey and can be used anywhere on your body. If you've ever breastfed a baby and used Lansinoh then you can imagine how thick it is! It's currently on my forearms (mainly because I just really wanted to crack it open and use some immediately!) I've suddenly realised that this is a pretty useless post, because I found it on offer by sheer chance, and chances are you guys would have to pay top dollar for it, but either way, I recommend it if you are in some need of some nourishment!!
So it's been a good Sunday. Husband is all happy and smiley because he got loads done in the garden (playhouse and bike shed have both now been relocated, bin area has been dismantled and a mound of soil has been moved from one place to another - that part I don't really understand but I know it's to do with something...important??) Boys are both tucked up in bed after their exhausting outdoors day and I'm off to finish the jug of Pimms I made when I got back! Bring it, Monday, we're ready for you!

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