14 August 2015

Goodbye awful oven!!

OMG so it's 7.30pm on Friday and THIS^^^ is currently happening in the kitchen. Terrible wall oven that only ever reaches 150'C is gone and the cupboards are well on their way.
Leeds Dad and Husband are off to collect the new range tomorrow morning and then while I have the boys at the NCT birthday party Husband is going to take off all the horrific tiles (looks like they all came to a clown's funeral, shudder!) Glam Mama's husband is coming round to assess the plastering that needs doing, gas man is coming Monday morning to run the pipe across...soon I'll be buying paint and tiles!!
Am so excited. Yes, the rest of the kitchen is going to look like shit in comparison. And yes, it is going to drive me crackers having to live with it. But it's a new oven that works and an excellent compromise until the old house sells.
Am hoping that by next weekend it looks a bit like this...

Wish me luck!!

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