26 August 2015

What's up Wednesday?!

Have an hour before everyone arrives to party-take 2, so here's the world's quickest 'What's up Wednesday?!' Enjoy...

What we're eating this week: everything and anything now we have the new oven installed. We still need to skim the chimney breast and finish tiling the floor but Husband says he'll do that when we're on hols next week. Am IN LOVE with the new range (even though it's the wrong one!) It cooks everything so quickly, but then when you've been using an oven that only ever reaches 150'C anything would feel faster!! Birthday tea was postponed 24hrs so tonight we'll enjoying...hotdogs!

What I'm reminiscing about: Toddler being small. He turned 4 yesterday and starts school in 2 weeks. That's all I can type about it today, no time for tears if I continue...

What I'm loving: my new cross body bag. Needed something bigger than my usual nappy bag for the flight, something that came with a long shoulder strap or could be worn as a backpack and found one in the local corner shop in the sale. Sweet owner even let me bring it home and try it out for size before paying. Mental note, I owe her some money!!

What we've been up to: well after lying around on the sofa all day yesterday we took a leisurely stroll down the high street today, enjoying the sunshiney showers and taking our time. It turned out to be quite fortuitous as aforementioned shop owner let me borrow this bag and Aldi were giving out free cookies so the boys had snack on the way home ;-) Score!

What I'm dreading: next week's flight on my own with 2 small boys??

What I'm working on: not freaking out about it!

What I'm excited about: next week's flight on my own with 2 small boys!! Am trying to see it as an adventure. If we get delayed, run into difficulties, have any explosions or spills, I'm not going to panic. We will be in the same country, speaking the same language, it will all be fine. I know I'll be A-ok once we get in the car to go...it's just the planning and the worrying and the angsting beforehand that tires me out.

What I'm watching / reading: not a lot at the moment. Usual Suspects was on Sky Movies last weekend so I taped that for Husband and I to watch at some point, but what with all the tiling and present-wrapping and working and pootling we get up to each night when the boys are in bed we haven't really been watching much at all. Am downloading some books for my holidays though, am going to take full advantage of Nana and the free childcare!!

What I'm listening to: yet more Taylor Swift. Toddler is obsessed!

What I'm wearing: right this second it's some old blue harem pants and a tshirt - am hosting a Batman tea party in 50 minutes so wanted to be comfy and relaxed. Am looking forward to packing my capsule wardrobe for next week's trip - have ordered some of the new longer line Breton tops from Boden in preparation!

What I'm doing this weekend: packing!! BFF is holding her annual garden party on Saturday which will be awesome and another little NCT friend turns 4 on Monday so we will be celebrating with him on Sunday. Husband wants to play in the shed so he'll be out of action.

What I'm looking forward to next month: Ooh let's look at the diary, our very first flights to Scotland, tea at BFF's, my precious Toddler boy starting school, both boys restarting swim lessons, Niece's 1st birthday party, Husband competing in the annual cross-country running race at his old grammar school and a trip to Bristol for Teacher Mama's Baby's second birthday celebrations. Can't wait to see her!

What else is new? Nothing! Life is normal over here, old house is still not sold, Husband is still a busy little bee who we hardly ever see, Baby is delightful and challenging and funny and teething, Toddler is growing fast and continuing to amaze me every day (although I'm not loving the new 'growling' phase??) Am just trying to soak up the last 14 days of normality before life changes for all of us. Must be brave!

Have a great Wednesday evening, everyone. Wish me well with the 4 tiny birthday guests who are on their way!!

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