25 August 2015

Big day in our house

Toddler turned 4 years old at 46mins past midnight. I crept into his room at the right time to give him a kiss and take his photo. It was perfect. 
2 hours after I crept out he threw up all over himself and had vomit in his hair. He has a lot of hair! Needless to say, his day has been a lot more chilled than originally planned with all of our activities postponed by 24hrs. He managed to open his gifts but has done nothing other than lie on the sofa and watch Disney movies all day. To be fair, Mama hasn't felt like doing much else since we were both awake from 2-6am zzz ha ha!!
Happy Birthday my beautiful little boy, your Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives every day. You are kind and opinionated, stubborn and laid back, adventurous and sensitive. You are perfectly imperfect like all the gang, you fit right in. There's nowhere else in the world you were meant to go and I, as your Mama, give thanks for you every single morning. Here's to a wonderful, bouncy, cake-filled celebration...tomorrow!! Xxx

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