21 August 2015

Five Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday everyone!! We've had a mental week over here in the shire what with Toddler's skiing lessons, Baby cutting two bottom teeth, having a gas pipe routed through the kitchen and then having a deadline to get all the tiling done before the man comes back to fit the damn oven (the wrong damn oven, but it's cool, I'm over it!!) 

Anyway, here are 5 little things that make me smile on this windy Friday...
Main thing that we've learned this week is that tiling is a bitch and there's a good reason why you can PAY someone to come into your home and do it for you. Groan. It took us 2 evenings to get into a groove and stop snapping at each other...then we ran out of grout! So oven man is coming over in 2 hours and...chimney breast is only 7/8 finished. But again, it's all good, I'm over it. I need an oven (it's been almost a week since Husband ripped out the old one) and we can always wiggle it out slightly in order to finish the last few tiles. Am quite excited to see it in situ...just pray the blasted thing works or there are going to be serious tears.

This week I've remembered how lucky I am and what wonderful friends I have. We have been invited out to tea at four different houses which meant we only had to eat one microwave meal and one pan of pasta. Our friends are the best and we love them dearly, especially when they feed us ;-)

(This is a food/cooking/oven related week I feel...) I'm loving my new saucepans! It took me a while to realise but all of a sudden I thought, the new hob is going to be inside the chimney breast and there ain't a lot of wiggle room either side, therefore my pans with long handles won't work. This didn't phase me much as a) I wasn't particularly attached to my existing pans and b) it gave me a reason to shop. We hit up TKMaxx (Toddler's fav place!) and bam, new pans with short stubby handles. Exciting times. Also, this makes me realise how old I am.

I have also finished my birthday shopping which I'm pleased about. Batman themed party bags threw me for a loop, but in the spirit of not throwing a big bash and toning it down slightly I decided to knock that on the head and buy each guest a lovely book as a keepsake instead. Am going to make Toddler write his name inside each one as a 'thank you for coming'. Gratefulness AND handwriting practice, oh yes!

We have a lovely weekend ahead of us. One of our NCT babies is having a big 4th birthday party tomorrow so I shall take the boys along to that while Husband finishes aforementioned tiling and then on Sunday we are going to the soft play nice and early for pancakes and coffee while he finishes assembling the last parts of the shed (he's been constructing new storage for some weeks now, I feel that I should probably allow him some time to complete this project since my oven took over slightly!)

There you have it, 5 little things that are making me smile today, from tile angst to saucepans! Add yours below to share the happy :-) Have a great weekend, everyone!

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