24 July 2015


So, as Mamas do when something comes along that is impractical and/or inconvenient, I re-jigged nursery hours, swopped a playdate, rearranged a coffee meet-up and rescheduled some admin work so that I could be at home for the 2 hour window the desk was meant to be coming...and it didn't arrive. Was so mad I could have spit feathers (whatever that means!) Emailed the company and they have apologised profusely, don't have a clue what went wrong but have rescheduled it for next week and refunded the £40 delivery charge. Can't complain really, saved £40 and the Husband is so happy he won't mind as much when the two dresses I ordered for the races next week arrive in the post this weekend (why does that always happen?? I only ever shop online Mon-Thurs depending on which company I'm buying from to ensure that no parcels for me get delivered over the weekend when he's here to spot them. This is a fail-safe method. Until you order from a new company and they take 2 days longer than you'd expect. Hence race dresses most likely arriving tomorrow, groan!)

Here's what I ordered, both from Karen Millen in the sale:
And here are the alternatives I am thinking about:

These 2 are both from Karen Millen but are full price...

And these 2 are both from Next, but clearly the one on the left is the cheap rip-off version of the LK Bennett dress you can find in their Label section!!

No clue what to wear, have never been to the races before and, while I know it's supposed to be relatively dressy, there is nothing I hate more than being over-dressed at an event. I hate being under-dressed too, I suppose, so that is a ridiculous observation to make. I just don't have any idea where to pitch it??

Maybe the answer lies in shoes instead...?

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