15 July 2015

On gardening and outdoor shit

OK, so I know I said I'd be back 'tomorrow' and am now officially 24hours late...but it occurred to me when I sat down to write about the garden last night that I have precisely nothing to say about the topic. I only ever use mine to a) occupy the children and b) sunbathe. I don't paint, weed, plant things, cut the grass...nothing. They all come firmly under Husband's job title because I can't stand getting my hands dirty so my mind was totally blank.
I sat for a long time today while Baby was napping, gazing into the garden and trying oh so hard to conjure up a blog post about something outdoor-garden-specific. I didn't succeed. I did, however, realise that we have a huge shed up the back of the garden that is shabby, a small rifle range that is doubling as a playhouse while the boys are young that is kind of orange and patchy and an exposed brick wall...and they are ALL in need of a lick of paint. Gardening I may not do, but decorating and pretty-fying I excel at!!
So here in my Pinterest inspiration for my new project, I'm going to pretty up the garden!
Love the purple door on this one, especially next to the purple bush (that's also the extent of my gardening vocab, not. a. clue!)

And this one looks so cute with the blue accents...

I think this one caught my eye because of the little round lanterns...would they survive a British summer/autumn season, hmm, not sure. Pretty though...

And here we have the classic duck egg approach.

Since the shed and the playhouse are currently sitting side by side (and we have no plans to relocate them since they weigh a metric tonne each!) then I need 2 paint effects that look different but complement each other beautifully.
Am off to spend some more time finding images that solve this issue. 
Have you got any outdoor projects on the go for the last few weeks of summer? I'd be interested to hear. Also, let me know which paint colour you prefer...!

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