29 July 2015

What's up Wednesday?!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, hope you're all well?? Here's a 'What's up Wednesday?!' post for you all (link up is here http://shullfamily.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/whats-up-wedneday-072915.html if you fancy reading a few more!!) 

What we're eating...a lot of vegetables! Toddler has been on a total anti-veg drive after 4 years of eating everything I put in front of him and while I am totally cool and chillaxed about it infront of him it is driving me to absolute distraction behind closed doors! Therefore, a new enthusiastic approach is upon us. We are choosing more exciting veg, preparing it together, eating it with gusto and rewarding him with star stickers for his behaviour chart if he eats some/any without a mega fuss. Day 3 and all going well so far!

What I'm reminiscing about...the days when Toddler didn't 'sass' me (see previous posts!)

What I'm loving...my new desk finally arrived. Still can't show you a photo because the massive bundle of wires beneath it let it down, but will ask Husband to fix that ASAP and share. Am in love with it!

What we've been up to...we have bought Toddler's school uniform this week, started a new behaviour chart, started our handwriting/phonics practise before school starts, had the boiler fixed, celebrated my BFF's eldest's 12th birthday, it's been fun so far and it's only Wednesday! Still have a quiet day tomorrow and Friday at the races to look forward to, lucky me!

What I'm dreading...leaving the boys all day Friday and not picking them up again until Saturday morning. BFF is more than capable, they're probably safer under her roof than they ever are here!, but I shall miss them like mad. And also, shall worry the whole time that Toddler is behaving. Eeshk!

What I'm working on...my positive parenting. Lost our way slightly today when Dentist Mama and her children were here to play and Toddler threw an almighty strop, complete with attitude and finger pointing at me...but we got it back and he voluntarily cleared up the entire playroom when they'd gone to 'help me while I made dinner'!! We will conquer this phase, we will!!

What I'm excited about...on a whim I called the kitchen guy today and he's coming out quickly on Friday morning to assess exactly what needs doing with regards installing a range in my ridiculously shaped kitchen space. Of course, Husband knows nothing of this plan, and of course I'm now on multiple kitchen websites deciding exactly what look I'm going for...but it's a start. Weeee....

What I'm watching/reading...don't really watch TV but have just downloaded an Elin Hilderbrand book and am hoping to spend a few hours this evening starting it with a glass of wine. We shall see how it goes. The only other major things I've read today have been the school calendar for the upcoming academic year (eeshk) and a Phonics Assessment workbook so I know what I'm doing when I start it on Friday with Toddler. Thrilling!

What I'm listening to...just the iPod on shuffle, as ever, makes for a fun, random day :-)

What I'm wearing...of course it's anothe Breton top with skinny jeans and converse!
 and I finally chose a dress for the races on Friday, huzzah!

What I'm doing this weekend...first thing Saturday I will be racing across town to collect the boys from BFF's house after 20hours apart. Then it'll be tennis lessons and a weekend in the garden (weather permitting) Toddler has asked that, should he earn enough star stickers, we go to Weston Park to ride his bike so we will hopefully be doing that too.

What I'm looking forward to next month...August already?! August will bring tennis lessons, 2 NCT birthday parties, a family BBQ, a family garden party, a trip to the dentist!, skiing lessons for Toddler's birthday gift, Toddler's 4th birthday tea party, a charity event planning meeting, an MRI for niece and my first ever flight with 2 small hangers-on. Wow. Am excited about the whole month but kinda don't want it to fly by as September brings school with it...

What else is new?? Not much!

Am off to wrestle Toddler into bed and then I have a long, quiet evening planned of kitchen research, reading my new book and emailing these many, many school dates across to Husband's office. Happy peak of the week x

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