28 July 2015


Tuesday is a great day. I was born on a Tuesday! I also have Toddler at home with me on a Tuesday (but only for the next 6 weeks, sob sob!) which is lots of fun.
Today our mission if to buy school shorts and trousers for the Autumn term and also get Baby measured for new shoes. Not only do we have to manage both of these jobs without Baby's patience running out but we are also up against Toddler's new stinky attitude and my inability to sort anything related to starting school without wailing! It also looks like rain so we had better walk down the high street fairly speedily!
Then our afternoon will consist of naptime, some screen time, British Gas coming to look at the boiler, HOPEFULLY my new desk arriving!!!, and encouraging Toddler to help me make some dinner. My new positive parenting approach has a brand-new sticker chart on the kitchen wall combined with a brand-new enthusiastic approach to him helping prepare and cook vegetables. His refusal to eat them after 4 years of eating everything under the sun is driving me doo-lally-tap!!
Has anyone else got fantastic (read: mundane!) plans for their day?? Enjoy x

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