21 July 2015

A long day

Today has been a long Mama day. Baby is cutting 3 fangs in one go and his happy little demeanour has been taken over by a clingy, sobbing mess who just wants to sit on my knee and chew my arm! Toddler had his BFF over to play for the day (they live over by Nana so we only see them once a month or so) and while it was lovely to see him play with another rough-and-tumble boy, it was rather stressful at times, mostly because I am constantly shattered and was taking my tiredness out on him. I was acutely aware that he wasn't actually doing major things wrong, that he is simply shattered at the end of the long summer term and that I was over-reacting. It wasn't a fine day.
I am trying not to beat myself up over this. I am trying to remember that I am human, a tired tired human and that I will strive to do better tomorrow. Pinterest is encouraging me in my endeavours.

I may well print these off for my fridge door, a gentle reminder to be more mindful of my words on difficult days. Is it wine o'clock yet??

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