27 July 2015

Happy Monday!!

Monday, new week, new start, new chances... woke up determined not to fall out with Toddler and (touch wood) we have almost managed an entire day. Granted, he was at nursery for 6 hours but it still counts!!

Also woke up determined to start eating better. Am not running at the moment due to dreadful lack of energy/inclination past 7pm and I'm really starting to feel it in my clothes. Hopefully am buying a running buggy on Wednesday so will be able to go in daytime with Baby in tow but in the meantime I really need to stop eating shit. Obviously walked into the kitchen, promptly forgot my new goal and ate 4 jelly babies while I was waiting for the kettle to boil?? What is wrong with me??? But for the rest of the day I have worked hard and only consumed a banana, an apple, some tea and coffee, a bowl of sultana bran with strawberries and a few mouthfuls of hotdogs off Baby's plate at teatime! I even went to Costa (twice, but let's not dwell on that fact) and didn't order anything to eat and that's quite an achievement for me, it's those bloody pain au raisins. Am making a large jacket potato for my tea (because Husband hates them and he is eating out tonight) and will try my damndest not to smother it in cheddar. God, I love cheese...

Have booked British Gas man for tomorrow, came home from nursery drop-off to find boiler had emptied itself all over the utility room. Yay!

Rang the estate agent to remind them that our old house has 'no chain' and that is quite a glaringly obvious thing to have missed off our house listing on rightmove???

Have thrown money at the 'dress for the races' issue after none of the Karen Millen choices worked. Am awaiting a delivery from Whistles. Groan.

Leeds Dad had his birthday today so after the nursery pick-up run we had coffee whilst the boys all watched Box Trolls and we watched them on his video monitor. Inspired parenting!

Oh yes, and Nana had her birthday today too, but she's in Italy with girlfriends so she didn't get coffee or cake. I wish she didn't choose to spend such important occasions away from home, she's just announced she'll be in Austria for Christmas, but what can I do?

So it's now 7.30pm and this is me...

I am in my slouchy trousers, with my jacket potato in the oven, babies in bed, NOT drinking wine (calories) and about to find something crappy to watch on TV. May even celebrate Husband working late by slathering my face in night cream and painting my toenails. Life in the burbs, peeps, it's all glamour!!
Have you had a productive Monday? Hope there was less flooding involved at your place!


  1. The problem with diets is that you have to focus your will power on it. But will power has limits, and then you end up reverting back. I try to eat more korean food, because it tastes good, and it's also healthy. That way it's not really a diet, but it's eating something that I find delicious already.

    1. Yes, you're so right. It's a case of totally changing your eating habits for the better. That's my problem, snacking on sugary things, so am trying to focus on fruit instead during the day. Thanks for the advice :-)