8 July 2015

Peak of the week!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I find Wednesdays quite odd in that when I wake up I am disappointed with ALL the week that still stretches ahead of me and yet, by wine o'clock I'm positively chipper and thinking 'it's practically the weekend, folks' and skipping around all Sound of Music stylee...your week literally changes 180 degrees in those short 12 hours.
Our 12 hours of Wednesday have been a bit random so far...Again, the whole day did a 180. We started off with absolutely no plans for this morning other than laundry and play. Husband forgot his wallet so after the nursery run Baby and I had to drive to his office to drop it off. This resulted in an impromtu trip to Gap and TKMaxx, totally his own doing, can't blame anyone but himself, then we nipped into Aldi on the way home and what was meant to be a quick shop for cupcakes turned into 3 bags of 'necessities'. I despair.
We got home, unpacked all the shopping and Yummy Mummy dropped by to get her daughter's passport forms signed (everyone is flying everywhere apart from me, wail, stop wailing, get over it!) and then Leeds Dad's wife whizzed in to borrow a clean t-shirt for their little one to wear to nursery this afternoon (they've just moved and their washer isn't plumbed in yet so she was having a panic)
And now Baby is in bed and I'm waiting for Nana and Mamar to arrive for lunch. Felt like I haven't really stopped! Husband has golf tonight so won't be in until really late and to be honest, I'm just looking forward to going to bed at 9pm. What. A. Loser!
This afternoon looks like it'll be an emotional one as it's Graduation Day at Toddler's nursery. I'm hoping this doesn't confuse him too much as he's continuing his sessions over the summer holidays but since most things fly over his head unnoticed I'm fairly confident it'll all be fine. I, on the other hand, am bound to weep into a hanky. Sigh. Where does the time go? And why can't I seem to slow it down?

Must not dwell. Update on July's resolutions...
1. Am doing well on 2 cups of coffee a day. Sometimes I have 3 if I didn't totally finish one in the morning (happens a lot) and I did forget and have one while I was unpacking Leeds Dad's playroom last night. Oops. But on the whole, success.
2. Bought Planet Parent and...pfft bit deflated. Think it's written for first time parents who are all new and excited and naive (which sounds a bit arrogant and I don't mean it like that at all, but there seemed to be a lot to 'skip' as far as I was concerned) so that'll be going in a gift bag for pregnant girlfriend! Also ordered Ever After which appeared to be a journal-style project focussing on married life and your role as wife/mother/nurterer...it has arrived and is totally 350% Christian workbook with bible references and prayer points. OK then. We're on board the Jesus Train but we sit near the back and chew gum...that can go to the church book shelf for some lucky newlywed! So I'm not doing very well on this front at all and need to go and google more recommendations forthwith.
3. Toddler's writing work hasn't really started yet as in my head we would do it while main school was on holiday...that's my feeble excuse and I'm sticking to it!
4. Ironing...moving on...
5. Clothing. The hush sale started yesterday and I was soooooo restrained and then I walked into Gap this morning, totally forgot all about my goal and bought a tshirt. Damn it! Now am just trying to resist the little voice that's saying 'well you've already broken that one so you may as well get online and...' AARGH!

Did anyone else make any July resolutions? Hope they're going better than mine so far!
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, in a few short hours it'll be Thursday tomorrow!!

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