20 July 2015

10 weird things about Mama

Shay posted this this morning (http://shullfamily.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/10-weird-things-about-me.html) and it made me smile so much I thought I'd write my own. What better way to start the week than sharing our weird things. No judging...

I can't put my hand in a bag of crisps incase it gets all greasy and salty. I have to shake my crisps down to the edge of the packet and pick them out daintily with my forefinger and thumb!
If I have a cheese sandwich for lunch then I have to have a cup of tea with it. I drink coffee 99.9% of the time...unless I'm having a cheese sandwich. And even then it has to be so hot it's almost scalding my mouth, once it goes too cold I can't drink it and it gets tipped down the sink.

I love the smell of rain but hate hate HATE getting wet when out and about. Urgh, nothing worse!

We have moved house and now have a separate playroom which means, in theory, when the boys have gone to bed I could just close the door and not worry about the mess until the next day. Nope. I have to tidy up every single item into its proper box/basket/shelf before I can even think about sitting down for the night. It's an illness!

I hate comics. Hate them. I appreciate this may cause us an issue in years to come if Toddler turns out to be one of those boys that will only read boy comics...but I simply can not and will not read them. Husband will have to take the lead in reading!

I gain an oddly high level of happiness from filling my online shopping baskets with clothes, toys, games, home decor items, even random stuff such as stationery...then I close the window and walk away from the PC. Makes me feel like I've had a productive shop and treated myself AND SIMULTANEOUSLY saved money and been spend-thrifty?? I know, no logic, but it makes me happy. Only issue is when I start wondering why no parcels are arriving...

I hide Husband's old clothes somewhere in the house for 6 months and if he doesn't ask after them during that time I smuggle them out of the house and take them to the charity shop! I think this is a fair enough system. He disagrees!

I clear my messages every night before bed without fail, delete events from my calendar as soon as they've finished and I don't keep emails longer than a month. Once a parcel has been delivered or an event has happened or a conversation has ended then BAM it's deleted. Husband finds this odd, Posh Mama finds this incomprehensible (but then she has emails dating back to 2003, shudder!) but I just find it helps me to feel organised and tidy. Granted, sometimes I delete texts that had important details in so have to request the info again, but no system is perfect!!

I don't know our landline number and have no real desire to find it out. Why do we even HAVE a landline number?? I'm not sure anyone has ever rung it, I don't even know why we own a landline phone??

I get irrationally cross if some insensitive non-psychic jerk rings the doorbell making the dog bark between the hours of 12-2pm. Literally, a red mist descends and I can't hide my absolute hatred for the offender. Naptime is sacred in this house and people only make the mistake of messing with it once!!

So there you have it, 10 random facts that make me weird (read: unique)

And now I'm off to pack a snack bag for Toddler as we're picking him up from nursery slightly earlier than normal and heading to Trentham Gardens to meet Auntie and Niece for tea. Again, if Baby falls asleep in the car on the way home heads will roll! Enjoy your Monday x


  1. Oh my goodness! I love your list! I dislike comics too! I can't stand them :). So glad you found your weirdness today as well :). Happy Monday!

    1. I feel like I've been contacted by a celebrity!! Thanks for the comment and the endless inspiration xx