16 July 2015

Batman is coming!

Sigh. Why do I make deals with Husband when I'm in a fix? I say the most outlandish things to get myself out of trouble and he always, always remembers what I promised and holds me to it later on. Toddler (then known as Baby) had the most amazing first birthday party. I'm talking invites, bespoke cake, cupcakes, party favours, decorations, bouncy castle, entertainment, personalised t-shirt to wear to the party...it all had a theme and it all looked amazing. When Husband walked into the village hall on the day and queried the (astronomical) amount I had spent I swore blind that he'd only have three big parties and then I would pare down and behave. We wouldn't be those parents who invited the entire class to celebrations purely to avoid offending people. We wouldn't hand out the world's most extravagant party bags. It was crass and excessive and anyhoo, shush now, by this time next year you'll have forgotten all about it so eat a themed cupcake and quit your whinging.
Or so I thought. I got away with this argument for the next two consecutive years (snow party and forest party, both immense!) but it's now 6 weeks until Toddler turns 4 and he has firmly put his foot down and said NO. No to the themed bash, no to the guest list of 36 children (what??? we know a lot of people!) And the thing is, this would be totally fine. I was raised on simple birthday teas for me and 2 little friends. He's not going to die without a huge birthday bash. But being (almost) 4, he is totally aware of the whole birthday party thing now and clearly remembers the huge affair we threw for his third. And also, Mama is afraid of offending the aforementioned 36 friends who have always been invited in the past. I've already had one Mama friend say 'ooh we're really looking forward to Toddler's birthday this year, you always throw the best parties...' and quite frankly, my ego would like to cave!!
Anyway, we have come to a compromise. He is allowed to invite 5 friends to birthday tea and Mama is allowed to have a theme. Toddler has, against all my advice, chosen the theme of 'Batman' but I'm rolling with it as, if I make too much fuss, Husband is likely to cancel the whole shebang and make us eat a boring birthday tea just the four of us (horrors!)
So, never one to sit and pout for too long, I have sat and pouted for the appropriate amount of time and am now happily searching pinterest, amazon, party pieces and etsy for birthday party supplies.
My pinterest boards currently look like this:
which is a change from the normal view of sheds, playroom layouts and 45 ways to style a Breton top but it's a refreshing change and I'm trying to embrace the fact that I have a boy who knows his own mind. Aargh!
Am off to send Yummy Mummy some cake photos as she is both fairy Godmother and also birthday cake baker every year. Hope she's got some yellow food colouring!!

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