1 June 2016

Hello June!!

Golly, how is it June already? I say that not just because May has whizzed by like every month always bloody does but because it's gone super cold and grey outside again. I quite liked that week of sunshine we had, now it's business as usual again, how can it possibly be June?!

Anyway. May was busy and event-free (as far as I can remember), my only goal was to eat less sugar and I lasted an impressive 2.5 days...so let's move on quickly and focus on June!


The Cancer Research regatta luncheon which we have sold an outstanding 225 tickets for. I've still got floats to order and a table plan to create and will have loads of things to do on the day throughout the event. Feck!

The school ball. Which I still need to sort a shit load of stuff out for. Double feck!

The local carnival. Boy will apparently be dressed as a Corgi on the school float. So that'll be a corgi outfit being added to the never-ending list then!

An overnight trip to Liverpool for Ladies' Night at Auntie's church.

A whole week of solo-parenting while Husband travels to Houston for work. Am sending him with a very long shopping list as penance!!

Husband's grammar school ball. For which I'll need yet another new gown. Triple feck!

The school summer fair. I can't even bring myself to start thinking about this yet...!

These are all on top of regular things like taking Boy to the opticians, Eco-Mama's eldest's birthday party, PLA meetings, helping out at the nursery sports day and convincing Nana not to say anything mortifying at Grandparents' Day at school (God help us all!)

I am looking at the list and wishing June away already. Surely that's not right?!

In other news, khaki linens from H&M arrived and they are awesome. Love them. Still waiting on my espadrilles and still got to return that top to Zara, FFS.

Toddler's lurg spent most of today shooting out of his nostrils but now he's got one hell of a cough that he just can't shift, he's currently half awake and moaning himself back to sleep. Here's hoping a day of fresh air at Attingham tomorrow helps him clear the final bit?

Boy has been a little bugger for the past 48 hours, back chat, attitude, rudeness, sass...I am mentally exhausted. I adore my children and my heart hurts when he's at school, but my God, he's really tested my patience so far this week. I know the best thing to do with him is to completely ignore bad behaviour (within reason, obvs) It's the fastest way to get him to stop, tried and tested. But backchat is the one thing that makes my blood boil and I can't help but shriek in return. 

Tomorrow I am going to try using a bit more positive reinforcement when he speaks to me nicely, see if that helps. Unfortunately, today it got to the point where I told him unless his attitude changed then my answer to everything was going to be a big, flat 'no'. We then had to nip into BFF's to drop something off and he wanted to get out of the car, no. He then asked for the sprinklers in the garden, no. By the time I'd refused him the TV when we got home I think it had started to sink in. The child thrives on consistency and fairness. Tomorrow I'll throw in a bit more positivity to fill his tank and...wish me luck!!

Must go and take Toddler some cough syrup and load the dishwasher, the thrills!! Enjoy your Thursday, friends.

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