9 June 2016

Life Lately...

Sorry for the silence. Life has been so, so busy over here in the shire. The Cancer Research regatta was a roaring success but was a LOT of hard work to organise, and now I'm swamped in school ball prep. Husband has been working late a LOT. Then we had half term (when Boy decided to go on an 'adventure' at Attingham Park resulting in me having a nervous breakdown!) and the exhausting return to school and routine (Boy got carried out of the swimming pool last night in hysterical tears, can you say 'tired'?!) All in all, I'm ready for July to arrive already.

So here's a quick post about our life lately...enjoy!

Oasis, Rainbow Stripe T-Shirt Multi 1

Leeds Dad's wife joined us for brunch at Wyevale yesterday and was wearing the cutest little navy tshirt. When she told me she'd bought it in Oasis I decided to go straight up and grab one. Naturally, they didn't have it in stock in my size...but they DID have this little top of sunshine and happiness. Love it!

BFF's middle child and I are having a sticky-willy contest on the walk down the canal path each morning. Sent BFF this picture earlier for her to show him at playtime!!

Found this on Facebook last night. This is my life!

Am trying to decide how to have my hair done for the ball tomorrow so have been pinning styles and sending them to the hairdresser... am hoping its new longer length will give me a few more options?? Ideally, I'd just like to look like Jennifer Lawrence...too much to ask?

Regatta luncheon hilarity. There were 6 of us drinking on our table and we managed to work our way through 8 bottles of prosecco, 1 bottle of champagne and 1 bottle of white wine. All for a good cause. (PS I love Posh Mama's face in this, we had SUCH a blast that afternoon)

Boy was invited to stay over at his BFF's during the final weekend of half term...he nearly pee'd his pants with excitement. I'd already got his pjs in my bag so we could all stay a bit later after an epic BBQ...so we waved goodbye and picked him up again on the Saturday morning. Apparently, they finally crashed at 9.30pm!!

Image result for airbnb

Am tasked with finding a villa for 6 for the girls next April so spending every spare minute on airbnb...the pressure!!

And that's a corgi mask...because school asked for children to volunteer to be on the school float in this weekend's carnival...and due to my inate need to please people illness I said 'Yes, of course Boy can be there at 9am the morning after the school ball in a homemade corgi costume...' Fuck's sake!

Other than that our days have been filled with mundane school runs, swimming lessons, housework... how do such routine things take up so much time and energy?!

Must go and put the kettle on and drag Toddler away from Curious George. Glam Mama is bringing her youngest over so the boys can play together while she paints my nails for this bloody ball that I'm regretting ever agreeing having anything to do with!! Groan!!

Hope everyone is well, wish us luck on Saturday with the carnival!!x

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