24 June 2016

On politics...

I'm not political. I don't read about, care much about, understand much about politics. I don't even understand the photo above, just thought it looked good? Husband gets extremely irate and cross about the fact that I am blissfully, intentionally ignorant but when you suffer with anxiety AND have small children taking up every spare inch of your brain I find you have to pick and choose which topics you engage with and politics hasn't made the cut this decade.

But I have woken up this morning quite sad to find that we have voted out of the EU. In such scary, dark times worldwide, surely unity and camaraderie should have prevailed??

Sad times.

In other news, apologies for the radio silence. I have planned a regatta, a ball, a summer fair, sports day refreshments (twice!), a brunch at school, a mufti day, Husband has been in Texas for 6 days, there was a dinner party in Liverpool...the list goes on and on. Life has been incredibly busy and when there has been a small segment of time to sit down and write I found I had absolutely no words to say. Brain. Is. Mush!

(That's meant to be me, but I don't wear green...!)

Anyway, what other gossip do I have from the last fortnight?

Auntie has started her own blog. This is causing me immense hilarity, which is incredibly arrogant and awful of me considering I haven't told anyone that I write a blog incase they mock me. Oh, the irony. I know.

Boy got into trouble with the headmaster for calling people 'bumhead nerds'. He's 4.5yrs old. I don't THINK he's destined for a life in Belle Vue but maybe we should start him in therapy??

Toddler's favourite new phrase is 'I don't know?' when I ask him anything. Anything at all. Lovely!

Husband is away but has, like a good and loyal husband who would like to be allowed back into the marital bed after leaving me with his children for an eternity, been to every store I requested and bought me lots of lovely things. Hurrah!

God, I think that's it? How can I have been so bloody busy and have nothing to show for it? Shameful!

Right, am off to the playbarn and then must remember to go to Waitrose otherwise the icecream stall at the fair on Sunday will be decidedly lolly-less. Aargh!

Have a great weekend, friends. I shall try and be back on Monday!!

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