26 June 2016

What a crazy weekend!

Husband flew home from Texas and brought gifts. For someone who is always moaning about the amount of money I manage to spend and had limited free time available, he did rather well. Disney store, Lego store, J Crew, Nordstrom, Levi's, Aeropostale...who even knew he had it in him?!

(New Lion Guard figurines!)

Saturday night we had the grammar school ball with BFF, her husband and a gang of friends. Incredible fun. Boy kindly volunteered to take my photo before we left...

(Photo does not show true extent of white legs, thank goodness or you'd be blinded!)

Then this morning we were at school bright and early for the summer fair. This academic year will forever be known as the year we planned multiple practical exhausting huge events the morning after an alcohol-crazed party night. Not our finest hours...mind you, sunglasses are a wonderful invention, as is coffee. Nothing garners respect from the headmaster like turning up to a family event reeking of prosecco and sobbing into some Berocca. 

(Posh Mama did good!)

So yes. We were at school from 9.30-4pm and by 4.30pm I was enjoying a cheeky snooze in the large armchair with Toddler on my lap. Am looking forward to a day at home tomorrow, puttering around and taking it easy. This month has been crazy busy, and I usually thrive on 'busy'. Our upcoming trip to Disney hasn't even entered the planning phase yet, I haven't had any spare brain cells to think about it!!

Hope you've all had a great weekend? I'm off to Warwick Castle with Kindergarten this week, can't wait!!

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