17 February 2015

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy is one of Toddler's godparents and one of my absolute besties. She is not particularly religious in the traditional sense but she is kind and patient and lovely, which came top of our list when deciding! She raises her three girls in such a zen manner, believing that they are gifts that she has merely been loaned for a short time and that her job is to raise them to be individuals who fly. I'm more of a stressed out helicopter parent who tries hard to hang back so she complements me perfectly!
I worked with her an age ago and love watching her in the classroom. She is totally dedicated and inspirational. She throws her heart and soul into lessons and genuinely enjoys her job. 
When I'm ranting about random issues over wine she always plays devil's advocate which drives me insane. I'm a big fan of friends blindly taking your side instantly with great passion so when she calms me down and empathises with the other party she makes me want to scream! Thing is, half the time she's right, of course, which is probably what makes it so infuriating!!
She's the wildest friend I have. Her life story could be the script for a movie with babies born oversees, drug lords staying the night, leaving countries in a rush, aeroplanes held together with duct tape. Her family is old money, they've lived in our town forever so she knows everyone and everyone knows her. She's always the last one off the dance floor and is often found behind the bar serving herself if the queue was too long!
Yummy Mummy's real gift is cooking. She can make any four random ingredients from her cupboard into an amazing meal for five. It's quite extraordinary. She gifts me roast dinner tokens for birthdays and Christmas and quite frankly, I'd like nothing better. She also is in charge of making the boys' birthday cakes each year. I adore that she contributes something so personal and unique for their celebrations. 
Yummy Mummy is a constant. She is often too busy to even return a phonecall for a month or two but whenever we see each other we are caught up instantly. I convinced her to start running when she was in a dark place a few years ago and now she's done the same for me after my baby-break. I know there is no greater cure for depression than physically running it away (for me at least) and the fact that she knows it too, acknowledges my funk, finds time to come over and drag me out the door...she is an absolute darling. I love her a lot!

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