12 February 2015

The lurg

I've been quiet this week as we got hit by the dreaded vomiting bug that's been doing the rounds. Is there anything worse with two small children? Let's not talk about it. It's too horrific!
In other news, our buyers are being arseholes and reckon their surveyor has found asbestos?? I would really love to know where as it never came up on OUR comprehensive survey 8 years ago and we've been living here happily ever since. So anyway, they've decided to come back tomorrow to assess the situation? Whatever they decide, I'm out all day seeing Eco-Mum (finally, hopefully, please God...!!) so the estate agent can deal with it. Our weekend roller-coasted between renting, not renting because of Dog, buying one we'd seen already, not buying that one after all, maybe spending 50k less and compromising so we can move again in 5 years? I was literally reeling. In the end I sat Husband down last night and demanded we make a decision once and for all before we both go insane and/or stab each other in the eye. The final decision was...I'm not quite sure as today he sent me the particulars for another one over 300k. The man is nothing if not confusing!
Vomit aside, the week has been quite uneventful. Baby enjoyed the sweetest Valentine's themed Baby Sensory class this morning, lots of red and cuddling and floaty music, bless, and Toddler had a Valentine's Disco at school for 30mins (20mins longer than needed if you ask me!) which was a totally different affair of bouncing up and down manically to loud music, sliding across the floor and grabbing your friends and shrieking?
Speaking of which, how do boys know how to do that random slide-across-dancefloors-on-knees thing? I'm fairly confident (like 80-90% confident, can't be sure obviously, he does drink a lot after all) that Husband has never shown him how to do it? And as far as I'm aware he's not been watching Footloose on the iPad (mental note, check iPad for Footloose downloads) But yeah, there he was, sliding on the floor like a pro. Then there was a small breakdancing moment. Again, not a regular fixture in Husband's repertoire? Bizarre!
But either way, a jolly time was had by all so that's the main thing. Home we came to find a Valentine's card on the mat from '?'. Addressed to both the boys obviously as I haven't sent Husband the requisite link to what I would like from Amazon yet (thank God the man pays for Amazon Prime or he'd be in a WORLD of trouble. Or you know, he could buy me another kilo of fudge...true story!)
Tomorrow we're at Eco-Mum's for the day, finally squidging her little madam for the first time who is by now, you know, 4 years old! And then our weekend is swimming lessons, another bloody house viewing, supper at Posh Mama's and then getting supplies in for the hell that is the week of half term as every damn supermarket and playbarn around will be heaving and therefore must be avoided at all costs! I do hope you have slightly more exciting plans, enjoy!

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