14 February 2015


Aargh what did I say? I should have bloody known better. Fucking jinx. 
Woke up this morning to find our chavvy neighbours erecting a fence down the boundary line which effectively runs straight across our back gate and is the only rear access we have for our garden. Err...awkward. 
Husband had conveniently buggered off to swimming with Toddler so after 30mins of procrastinating and chuntering into the mirror willing him to come home faster and deal with it all I finally marched round and asked them the polite version of 'what the fucking fuck of FUCK do you think you're doing???'
Basically, lots of legally inaccurate chuntering later, I got them to take down said fence panel as I'm quite fond of using my own back gate and didn't think a 6cm gap would suffice for myself, Baby in a Bugaboo AND Dog and said I'd get back to them when I'd spoken to our solicitors about the deeds etc...
Solicitors of course are not available until Monday so have called Posh Mama who is currently debating random issues much more complex with her own house sale and then called Architect who says they're idiots, we have 'established' or 'implied right of access' (dependent on timings) and also need physical access to both the side of house and our own garden so the fence can't be erected there anyway. Basically, our house was there first so no matter how close it is to the boundary line, it wins. So it all seems quite simple and quite easy. Phew. 
Thing is, if it turns into a ruckus then we have to tell our solicitor who will tell our buyers because it's an open dispute. And they could decide to withdraw. If we can keep the bloody neighbours calm until it's all signed on the dotted line then it's not our problem as 'technically' it's not an open dispute, it's merely some crazy woman trying to put up a fence and we've asked her not to. But then what if it IS our problem in the end?
Aargh why can't chavs just be normal like the rest of us. Worried about people banging into your 03 plate Mini shouldn't be her concern. She should be focussed on her horrific 70s hairdo and the fact she's living with someone else's husband. 
But then that would be un-Christian of me to point out!!
Give. Me. Wine!

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