23 February 2015

The burbs

Headed out for a Starbucks this morning with a friend. Not only is a Starbucks coffee a 20min drive away (God damn I miss city living!) but I had to follow a cow in a horse box all the way there. Slowly. 
That's country living for you!
Then my phone apparently froze but kept it a secret so I carried on using it happy as a clam not realising that none of my messages or emails were sending and no phonecalls were getting through to me. When I got home and investigated the uncommon silence it suddenly pinged back into life and went crazy. So I spent Baby's naptime on the phone returning calls to solicitors and mortgage brokers. Whilst packing up some more of the playroom. And trying to log on to HMRC to pay our tax bill. 
As an aside, for a company who get so incredibly pissy when you miss a payment they don't half make it difficult for you to send them any cash do they?!
Other than that, Monday has been calm and happy. Off running tonight and seeing Art Mum tomorrow at the farm. Am trying not to flip out about the fact the Baby has just cracked his 2hr nap and the farm will disrupt him totally and utterly...Gah!
Only 4 days to go!

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