3 February 2015

Birthday plans

Eeeeeeek Baby is turning 1. Granted, it's in another 3 months but still, it'll be here before I know it. Blink and it'll be one whole year since I rang Husband who was a busy little worker bee on Canary Wharf and told him I had a bad back. One whole year since I dropped Toddler off at BFF's house unannounced and she had to rub my back on the drive. One whole year since my mother had to step up and drive me to hospital/squeeze my hand/cut the cord...(she was secretly delighted!!)
To tell the truth, the celebrations are already all sorted. The whole shebang. Venue, entertainment, food, cake, birthday tshirt, invites, decorations...you name it, I've pinned/etsy'd/googled the crap out of it. Am quite excited!! And actually quite sad now I've written it down and realised I have feck all else to do. Bugger!!
Quickly though, house update, have found THE ONE but Husband hasn't seen it and I'm too bunged up with this friggin cold to sway his opinion (if you know what I mean...!!) Well, I could. But I'd probably pass out. Not ideal.
So have had to back down and agree to a second viewing on Thursday. Le sigh! Fingers crossed he loves it too!!

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