3 February 2015

Sniffy Mama

The life of a stay-at-home Mama has many pros but also many cons. Some are insignificant (spending much time in Converse that you walk like Bambi as soon as you look at some heels) and some are unimportant (wankery people at dinner parties who hear what you do and promptly walk off to speak to someone infinitely more interesting because you clearly have no brain or worth) But I feel that the biggest 'fuck you' life throws my way is the whole 'nurse small whingy sick person through a horrid vommy snotty pooey illness and then bam, the milisecond they are healthy again you get sick'. 
I mean, I ask you. If that doesn't prove that God is male/a bastard/both then I don't know what would. 
And just to be clear, I am currently typing this post lying in a prone position on the sofa while Toddler builds a fort ON MY HEAD and Baby empties the book box with gay abandon. I have a banging head, a sore throat, a streaming nose, an upset stomach and the chills. But it's OK. Because I'm a stay-at-home Mama. So this is a piece of piss for me 😡

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