28 January 2015

Lawyer Mum

Lawyer Mum is my 'grown up' friend. Obviously, all my friends are grown ups, but Lawyer Mum has a definite air of having her shit together.
The first time I met her I was in total awe and not much has changed in the four years we've been friends. We were at baby class, all sitting there with our cute little bumps, naively chatting about how easy labour would be and how natural we would find breastfeeding tra la la and Lawyer Mum was asked about her plan for delivery. She was calm, confident, self-assured...and put me into a flat spin. I cried on the way home to Husband as I really hadn't given it any proper thought (fear leads to me denial, it's a bloody useless personality trait!) and had suddenly realised I was totally unprepared and quite frankly, an idiot! In contrast, Lawyer Mum had such confidence in her ability to give birth. She (inadvertently) made me feel like a kid playing house.
Conversely, once you get to know her, she is the most supportive and encouraging person. She gives excellent advice, I think it comes from her career where she doesn't say one damn thing without thinking about it from every angle incase she gets sued or loses millions?? She is accepting of different personalities, parenting styles and opinions and never gossips about people behind their back. I find this strange, as that's one of my favourite habits!! I have never heard her question anyone else's choices or approaches, even in private.
She is the definition of self-deprecating. She could mention her salary, her career, her family home...but she is demure and reassuringly matter-of-fact. She never partakes in girly chat about the menfolk, just smiles naughtily and declines to comment! She has two boys who are not great sleepers yet she never complains. She holds down an extremely demanding full-time job, is up all night with her Baby who suffers with reflux, makes all their meals from scratch and never grumbles. She states the fact that she is tired, but never blames her boys. I find that totally admirable, most people would lose their patience and reconsider their parenting choices, maybe decide to switch to bottles or try Controlled Crying to crack the waking issue. Not Lawyer Mum, she is resolute in her decisions and refuses to compromise.
I'm glad I met her. She's such a kind person whose example has encouraged me to be more confident in both my abilities and decisions but also in the way I interact with people, with strangers. I am more straight-talking, less likely to angst for days over the way people perceived me. I enjoy her company. I get to hear about her busy, jet-setting, handbag-toting life and then we discuss recipes for weaning meals and the most effective way I should speak to consultants at the hospital. And that's a winner in my book!

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