21 January 2015

The one I love

I am fortunate enough to have found my soulmate. We met in a random way, bonded over a random thing and had been inseparable ever since. She is complex and beautiful and I value her friendship immensely. When asked why we get on so well I always answer ‘I don’t know really…we just do!’ But really I know it’s because we were designed to be best friends, destined to meet. She already knew the pain of losing her parents. I needed her friendship to carry me when I lost my Dad. 

One of the reasons we have such a strong friendship is that we have many similarities that bind us but also many differences that challenge the other.
She is always poised in company while I am mouthy. She swoops in and cuddles while I yell dismissive encouragement from across the playground. I am impulsive while she favours routine and home comforts. I take drugs to cope with my grief and she has soldiered on without.
I saw her today and she worried me. Something has tipped her scales and she is struggling. Traffic lights holding her up make her want to vomit. Worrying about random unlikely scenarios keeps her awake at night. Changes in routine are making her well up with tears of frustration and angst.
I helped her by giving her a distraction, chatting about bizarre tidbits, making her laugh, handing her the baby to squidge…all small things but what else do I have? I won’t let her go under. She is always the life buoy, I am always clinging on. It’s her turn to be towed in for a while xxx

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