21 January 2015

The lurg

Eeshk, toddler was struck down on Friday with a fever that meant he slept pretty much all day on the sofa, then woke up on Saturday back to normal apart from a snotty nose. The kid is a medical marvel. 

So Saturday was rather uneventful, lovely and lazy. A walk/bike ride to Costa and then a film under a blanky followed by Chinese food. Score!
Sunday however, brought more snot, tears, calpol…it would appear that Toddler’s germs had jumped ship overnight and landed directly in Baby’s mouth. Bad times. I’ve never known our thermometer flash red quite so vividly or frequently.
Apparently a fever is a good sign of a healthy immune system as it’s your body’s way of fighting off bugs, making the environment as inhospitable as possible. So the downside of potential seizures in your fragile little angel is a short lived cold and a speedy return to bright smiles. Every cloud…

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