21 January 2015

The land of snot!

Friday was toddler with fever.

Saturday was everyone OK but snotty.
Sunday brought down baby with fever.
Monday was baseline snot but toddler fine so bundled off to nursery.
Tuesday? All fine…until 3pm when all hell broke loose and we cracked out the Nurofen.
Wednesday, kept toddler off nursery as he was clearly not 100%. He was fine all day!!
Thursday, baby snotty and whingy, toddler fine, back to nursery…bitten by small vampire. I have a PLA meeting tonight, Husband is at a networking event (code for ‘business piss-up’!), the kitchen has got a mind of its own and I’m fairly confident someone is taking clean clothes out of their drawers, balling them up and gayly throwing them into the laundry basket for kicks?? Oh, and I need to wash my hair but have no energy. The shower is too hard work!!
God help me. Friday better be amazing!

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