21 January 2015

Life with 4 boys

Today has been:
Early morning grumbles (apparently his duplo spaceship hadn’t fared well being slept on top of…?)
A super long dog walk with a pram and a scooter (this is primarily why I drink so much)
Poop (there’s always so much poop)
Teething (should have shares in bloody nurofen)
A wee in the garden (wet socks, absolute denial!)
The world’s longest ‘quick nip’ into TKMaxx (not today darling, I wasn’t really after a gold Buddha kitchen roll holder, thanks though, no don’t cry…)
Balance biking down the high street (bet people didn’t realise they’d be cheating death when they innocently ventured out for a paper and a currant bun!)
Playdoh (not so much modelling as squishing all the colours together and stabbing it with a knife)
Barking at shadows (only ever happens when baby asleep. Were the house to be invaded when baby was awake the dog wouldn’t even notice!)
Phonecall to say Husband late home and won’t make the boys’ bedtime (kill me!)
Bathtime (remind me that I need a wet room when we move. It’ll make a nice change from a room that is just constantly wet!)
But they’re all mine. And I wouldn’t swop them for anything (except for possibly a day at the spa and 24hrs sleep, interested in making me an offer?, get in touch!!)

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