21 January 2015

Tuesday’s child

House in country didn’t go ahead. Offer was accepted but then vendor randomly changed all the boundary lines and we had apparently lost 4/5 of what we’d been told was included…? Very bizarre, extremely frustrating, but hey. The search continues. 

Found one today online so did a driveby, fell in love, rang estate agents and BAM they’d had an offer that had been accepted about 30mins earlier. AARGH!!
Other than that my day was laundry, online food shop, tidy up some Lego to prevent baby choking to death, naptime, kitchen jobs, playbarn and lunch with besties (yay!), long drive home through country to find, adore, and then discard beautiful adore-mentioned house, more kitchen jobs, tidy up same Lego from earlier (déjà vu, perhaps I’m insane??) bathtime, tea, stories, milk, bedtime… So after a rather busy but productive day when all I wanted to do was sit down and breathe, husband came home like a bear with a sore head and made me want to poke him in the eye 😡 God knows what’s pissed him off but he’s in one of those condescending, persnickety moods that means I’m better off hiding the bath, for his safety and my sanity!!
So here I am, drowning in bubbles, looking up fancy restaurants for our next dinner date. Saturday night was so much fun, really relaxed, fancy, frivolous and selfish. Just what we need once every month to reconnect and remind ourselves that we are actually a young married couple as well as running a new business and a family.
Mind you, if he continues to snark at me I shall be taking someone else in February

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