21 January 2015

Logistical nightmare

Dog has appointment at vets at 9.40. Dog hates vet. Dog likes to pull on lead. Toddler can walk. Baby obviously can’t. Baby is heavy in car seat. Can’t carry baby in my arms because when dog pulls there’s a fair chance I’ll drop him or squeeze him so hard he pops. Also, baby can’t spent entire app lying on vets floor, might be frowned upon by members of public. Can’t take pushchair as dog won’t fit in boot unless I take it out. 

Have come up with the following:
Drive to vets. Get baby out of car in car seat. Hoik him into the vets and put him in the waiting room. Pray no one in vets is opportunistic paedo. Race back outside. Release the toddler. Make him cling to my leg while I get dog out of boot. Hold onto toddler while we both get dragged in 45 directions before eventually making it through vets door. Hold onto dog for dear life while he barks at the receptionist/growls at other pets/wees himself from nerves. Distract toddler from demolishing cat food display. Wave toy infront of grumpy baby who wants out of car seat. Wait for name to be called. Pray noone needs a wee or does a massive poo.
Name called. Dog goes mental. Hoik baby and drag dog into room. Remind toddler that if he follows you he can have snack time as soon as we get home. Breathe sigh of relief as vet closes door and we’re all contained…
I worked all of this out over my ‘relaxing’ morning coffee at 6am. I can’t decide if I’m terribly organised and efficient for trying to think of everything that could possibly go wrong or a total fool who should learn to roll with the chaos. It’d be easier that way I suppose.
I can’t bring myself to work out how we’ll all get back to the car safely. I’ll need another coffee before that one!

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