21 January 2015

So frustrating!!

Of all the things that annoy and frustrate me I have to say, moving house is on a par with waiting for baby to arrive!!

We have toyed with the idea of moving on and off for 5 of the 8 years we’ve lived here and now we are both finally on the ‘yes’ side of the decision…and can’t sell our house 😡
We have had two viewings, both v positive but with property of their own to sell they weren’t in a position to make an offer. The houses we have found and fallen for have, inevitably, been sold and have gone off the market. And we are getting crosser and crosser with the house we once loved and finding never ending faults with it that we don’t want to rectify…because we want to move!
Of course, in real life our house is perfectly fine. We have two bathrooms, the boys don’t have to share a room, we have space for guests, the garden is secure, we have a ceiling, all that bumf! But once you’ve decided you want to move it seems you start to hate your own living space. I have started spiralling into a completely fabricated nightmare of having to live here forever, never ever selling up, watching beautiful houses come on the market and be snatched up by other luckier bastards… This is both ridiculous and unlikely. Sooner or later we will sell our house. Sooner or later we will move. I am a victim of a consumer-driven quick-fix generation according to my mother (thanks for that!)
In the meantime I guess I’ll just stalk rightmove and try not to kick too many of our internal doors in a petulant strop!

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