21 January 2015

Secret Santa

We’ve had a busy day celebrating Christmas with my side of the family. It was mostly joyful and stress-free, a trip to the theatre, a mooch in Selfridges, a nice lunch. 

But it’s now late at night. My babies are safely back at home tucked into bed with their new treasures clutched in their chubby little hands. And I have one thing that’s really playing on my mind. It’s related to giving gifts…
We chose to do a secret Santa this year in my family. Only one gift to buy so we’ll up the limit tra la la, usual rules. Thing is, one gift was totally inappropriate, thoughtless, felt like a last minute purchase, had no love behind it…it made me want to cry for the recipient 😥
Now I know I take silly things to heart, and am especially sensitive at the moment. But at a time of year when giving gifts to those around you can be such a magical experience, I dunno, it just really upset me.
I’ve been on the receiving end of thoughtless gifts in the past. It hurts. Maybe it’s because I always put too much heart and soul into my own gifts…maybe it’s because I just remember how sharply it stings to be excited and then so speedily deflated? You feel embarrassed for some odd reason, like the crappy gift is evidence that those around you see you as that unworthy, that insignificant. It really hurts.
If you are fortunate enough to give a gift this season, however small, however ‘random’, then do it wholeheartedly and with forethought and care. It will feel ten times better, for both you and the lucky person who receives 

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