22 January 2015

That's me, late to everything

As ever, I am two seasons behind every other person in the entire universe and have just discovered the beany hat. Honestly, what a div. This has happened my entire adult life. New trend hits the catwalk then shops, I dismiss it, every other fucker embraces it and looks fabulous, I wake up one day thinking 'Ooh, I know what I need, one of those navy Blazers/nude pumps/skinny jeans (fill in any trend here), I head to shops and BAM they're sold out. Of everything. People move onto the next big thing. Repeat cycle!
It's quite frustrating. What's even more frustrating it that I am aware of it, I know I do it and I know the issues it causes me further on down the line and yet I still continue to resist. I literally stand in Oasis holding things thinking 'yes I know it's great, and I'll probably change my mind, but hmmm I'm not sure...nah I'll leave it,
I'm not sure it's 'me'??' and before I've even walked out of the store I'm regretting it. It's like a magical power to see the future. That I ignore. Every fucking time. I blame my father's stubborn streak in me!!
So anyhoo, beany hats. Yes. Just discovered those. Literally everyone already has 4 or 5 in their closets. Even my nan is rocking the fur pompom look. But finally, I have arrived. I spent a happy and defiant 12 months chuntering about sportswear and teenage attire, hat hair and ridiculous appearances...but now am jumping up and down preaching about hiding dirty hair, looking 'funky' on the school run, being quirky and different...you know, all that stuff bloggers have been declaring for months now. That's me, always late to the party! You'll recognise me as the one in an outfit you were probably wearing in 2011!

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