21 January 2015

In which I get frostbite…

Bugger me, it’s cold outside!! There’s ice everywhere and the car doors were frozen shut first thing…so clearly, today was the perfect day to go and watch an outdoor football match!!

We were treated to a day at Villa Park with friends. There was champagne, a three course meal, a lot of cheese… At one point I ventured onto the balcony to watch a group of fools kick a bag of air around but that didn’t last long. While I had given in and worn a hat, gloves and new down-filled jacket I had refused to wear warm boots when my beautiful new Dukes boots were crying out for an outing. So there I was, slightly drunk, with little to no concept of what was happening on the pitch, with slightly blue ankles. Attractive 😘 The best bit was having a nap during the second half with no small children to interrupt me!
Husband was beside himself the entire day and the boys all had a wonderful time with Nana at home. And my boots are happy…and that’s all that matters!

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