21 January 2015

Playroom frustration

Aaaarrrggghh can I just say, I am more than ready to move for one reason and one reason only. I don’t care about the new kitchen or the bigger garden, the bigger wardrobe system in our room or the power shower we’ve got planned. I want, need, dream about, long for the new playroom for my boys!!

Since the day my first pregnancy test went blue, over 4 years ago, I have been planning this room and dreaming about its layout and purpose. At the moment their toys and games are split between their bedrooms and the far end of our small dining room. Bedroom storage isn’t ideal as at this young age I want their rooms to be spaces for rest and relaxation, not play and stimulation!! I know they will be able to play independently upstairs in a few years but at the moment I prefer their playtime to be within Mama’s watchful gaze!! I encourage independent play when I am writing or prepping dinner (if Toddler isn’t helping me!) but like to be close-by to ensure that he is safe and content, it also means I can offer encouraging words when he is struggling with a task and praise his resilience when he succeeds.
In the new house I want our playroom to be just off the kitchen but with doors that can be closed to ensure OCD-mama sanity when 7pm rolls around. I want to work really hard to balance my neat and tidy mentality with their love of dens, projects and mess!!
There will be easy access bookshelves, see through toy storage, a blackboard wall, art work displayed on rotation, free access to art supplies, space to make a train track on the floor and not have to tidy it away at mealtimes, huge cushions and fairy lights in the reading corner, a dressing up rail, a wealth of montessori toys to aid our learning. You name it, I’ve planned a space for it. I want it to be tidy and organised but child-friendly and creative, fun and imaginative. At the moment I simply don’t have that. As soon as a toy or game is done with we have to tidy it away due to space constraints. Everything has its home and still bits and pieces trickle into the living room and impact on my child-free evening. Right now I am looking at a walker, a steam train, an activity table and a workbench 😫
Come on new house. Where are you?! We’re ready!

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