21 January 2015

Curly girl be gone!

Spent 3 hours this morning having my hair chemically straightened. Booking this for a Tuesday when I have both boys at home all day was, again, not my best plan but thanks to a god-send of a friend who doubles as my hairdresser it all went fairly well. 

We juggled the baby around multiple hair rinses, fed him rice cakes in his highchair while she covered my hair in whatever it was (smelled like pure evil?!) and bribed the toddler with iPad and cbeebies. Needs must!
Now I can’t wash hair for 72hrs (a la murderous daughter in Legally Blonde) so of course, Daddy was late home and meant I had to do bathtime alone with a towel wrapped around my dry hair shrieking ‘DON’T SPLASH ME!!!’ in a red-rag-to-a-bull manner.
I think I have earned my wine today!

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