21 January 2015


This is getting quite ridiculous. My children are never ill, never. I guess this is what happens when you have 2, they pass it back and forth happily and it seems to last forever?? This is now day 8 of snot and Mama has succumbed. It’s only a matter before Husband gets it and then, well, it’ll be all bets off worst cold in the universe EVER!

(Husband doesn’t really ‘do’ sick very well. Once he pulled a muscle in his neck and wound up in A&E having a lumbar puncture because he was convinced he had meningitis. This is strange to me as in other respects he is terribly drama-averse. Hmm…)
Anyway, due to my inability to breathe or move my head without wincing today has been Button Moon DVDs and lazy walks in the sunshine. I am pooped.
Tomorrow is a big day for our little friend who is being christened so am hoping and praying I feel better in the morning. Keep fingers crossed!

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