27 January 2015

Tuesday's child is full of grace

So far between them these two Tuesday children have pooped at the breakfast table (how is that graceful??) and lain down on the landing sobbing angrily because I suggested that brushing our teeth for the third time in 20mins would perhaps be folly? I ask you, how is this my life? Every other fecker has to wrestle the brush into their toddler's mouth, I spend most of my time finding effective hiding places for the flaming toothpaste to deter excessive cleaning. Crazy times. 
So anyway, Tuesdays are Mummy days and there's no rush out the door at 8.45. So I had time to bend down and explain why I had the made the unfathomable decision to remove the toothpaste from his clenched, angry fist. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a fully paid-up member of this ridiculous generation who explain every damn little thing to a creature who is simultaneously kicking your shins, so consumed by irrational rage that they're not even really hearing my voice. But then I look at him and think, I can't just walk away. There's a time and a place for saying 'no' and just shutting the conversation down, namely 'can I play with this electrical device in the bath, Mama?' or when I've already done all the gently gently approach and he's just not hearing that either. But generally that's not my style. I try to explain, empathise, compromise, understand...it's just that sometimes I feel like I'm being a hapless fool who's being played by a child!! Last night at dinner, Toddler was literally beside himself over some chilli and I would have bet good money that he was just overtired. 10mins later he was bloody fine and I felt like my maternal gut instinct had jumped ship and left me to be outwitted by a baby!!
Random tantrums aside, we have also sorted out the Pandora's box of hell that was the art supplies (phew), checked rightmove 5 times (nothing) and done yet more laundry. I do laundry a lot. Too much I feel. Can't decide whether the answer is to bin everything so we each only have 2 outfits or buy us all 15 more outfits so laundry pile is bigger but time between loads is considerably longer. Hmm, shall have a think...
In other news, I have no news. Nana came yesterday to critique my love of routine, 'oh you poor little darling, your Mama is mean to you...you wanted to sleep didn't you?' Grr! But then she bought me lunch and for all my stubborn, grudge-holding ways, I'm quite easily swayed by a chicken and ham hock panini!! So we're friends again. 
And Baby Girl has her appointment with the plastic surgeon today (fake boobs*) so am just trying to keep her and her Mama in my prayerful thoughts as I go about my errands this morning. You know, because I like to be Christian and kind while dragging Toddler around on my shin and applying anbesol to sad Baby's gums. 
So yes. This is Tuesday. And as I type Baby is shrieking in his cot (bloody teeth!) so had best rush. Have a good day!

*clearly this is humour. She's 4 months old. She has a large birthmark smack bang between her eyes, little love, and it's got to be sorted if it's not going to effect her vision and hand-eye coordination. 

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