21 January 2015


6 monthly trip to the dentist and had to take both boys. Considering last time I wound up having an impromptu wisdom tooth extraction under local anaesthetic while they both watched from the sidelines, today was a breeze!
Sure, Baby couldn't decide whether he wanted up (screeeeam) or down (even louder screeeeam) and they were running 20mins behind (screeeeeam from me!) and Toddler suddenly decided he was deathly petrified of the chair...but we all survived and Toddler even got a Spidey-sticker. Frankly, I thought out of everyone there that it was me who had earned the fucking sticker but I let this one slide!!
Now home for the joy that is bathtime (genuinely, joyful, my boys love water, it's the one time in the day I can 100% guarantee smiles!!) and then Husband and I are off to see house number 28. You know what they say...lucky number 28. Sigh!! 

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