30 January 2015

Rain check

Today has been a bit of a non-starter. We had plans to FINALLY meet up with Eco-Mum so our crazy, long-haired toddlers could burn off some steam at the park, she could play with Baby and I could sit and sniff her newborn's head! The nasty colds and bugs that have been circulating both of the boys' nurseries has meant that 4/5 playdates have been rearranged or rescheduled and today was finally going to be the day...
Until Toddler woke up looking like Quasimodo with an allergic reaction. FFS.
My gut reaction was allergies. It looked like it always does when something disagrees with him, but after two doses of Piriton there was no visible change so then I started suspecting 'slap-cheek', in which case I didn't particularly want to head out for the whole day in case he deteriorated quickly, not least in the company of an infant. So we had to cancel, again.
The upside to this misfortune was threefold. We got an appointment at the doctors within 3 hours (this is unheard of!) Baby cracked the lunchtime nap on day 5 of me putting my foot down and slept for a blissful 2 hours (by which time I was kinda bored and standing around outside the nursery door waiting for movement) and we got to nip over to BFF's house this afternoon for coffee which is always fun. So you know, every red and puffy cloud...
Husband is out on yet another work do. I'm sure he fabricates colleagues, drops their names into conversation casually for a few weeks then announces they're leaving so he must join them for drinks. I reckon if I actually went to his office unannounced there'd be no-one there but him and 2 decrepit old guys who have never heard of half the people he socialises with!! But anyway, it's mere jealousy on my part. I have no imaginary colleagues to fake socialise with. Bad times.
That said, we are taking matters into our own hands and decamping to BFF's tomorrow night. We have planned the whole thing. Baby soup at 5pm (take two toddlers and one baby, undress, throw into bath, drink wine while they empty contents of bath around bathroom shrieking with glee) followed by picky tea for all 5 babies, then put them all to bed (mental note, retrieve travel cot for Baby tomorrow afternoon of he'll be spending the night in his Bugaboo) and BFF and I are going to watch Love Actually in our pjs, eat Indian food and wear face masks while the husbands watch Shawshank Redemption, eat chinese food, drink beer in the cinema room and probably fall asleep on their respective recliners. It is going to be EPIC!
Oh, we also have 3 house viewings lined up so keep fingers crossed. One of these surely has to be our home. I'm losing the will to live!

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