21 January 2015

I’m impressed

Just reread my NYE post and am quite impressed. Considering that when I wrote it I had consumed almost an entire bottle of Moët after only eating some crisps all day it was rather legible and lucid. Well done me. Hazzah!

In the spirit of being held accountable I can announce that we have, today, made an offer on a house on the outskirts of town. More rural, secure gardens, room for improvement, lots of space, still same distance from BFF (very important!)… I rather like it, despite it being one that Husband found and therefore I should hate it immediately!!, and am hoping our offer gets accepted in the morning.
The only other exciting news is that I had a whole two hours to myself earlier so I could finally find a dress for this meal tomorrow. Living a life in Boden tops, skinny jeans and converse is all very well and good but it doesn’t really scream ‘sexy lady out on the town for cocktails with her husband’s clients’ now does it?
Anyway, Husband magnanimously announced that he was looking after the boys while I went shopping and lo, after initially wandering aimlessly around House of Fraser fingering Breton tops and tiny babygrows it finally all came back to me, I came into my own, rediscovered my love of visa and came home with 2 dresses, 2 sets of underwear (lingerie creates such a visual, and they really are just tshirt bras from M&S so let’s not get too exotic!!) a jumper (not strictly for dinner but in the sale so thrifty purchase etc etc…) oh and some bread because we’d run out!!
Now am in the delightfully smug position of not knowing which dress to wear. Middle-class problems.
Oh balls, I forgot tights

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