21 January 2015


Today was a big day. Took toddler out to islabikes to get measured and fitted for his very first pedal bike. It’s been talked about excitedly since July when we last visited (he wasn’t yet competent enough on his balance bike and they convinced him to wait for Santa instead of asking the birthday fairy, genius people!!)

It was an early start, not helped by baby cutting three teeth in one go and being generally miserable and cranky from the second he opened his eyes until the minute the engine turned over, but we made it there in one piece and settled in at the nearby farm shop for the obligatory pre-bike coffee and chocolate brownie. I managed at least 60% of my drink which, to be fair, is quite impressive and the toddler ate more than 2 bites of his brownie before losing interest and bouncing around the booth like a possessed Christmas elf on crack.
I gave in and we headed over a few mins early. I’m not entirely convinced that my child heard much of what the lady was saying to him at any point, he careered around the store like a pingpong ball, had a quick go on a red bike and declared ‘my not like it mama, my like a geen one’, jumped off and ran back inside to swop. Needless to say, after 35mins the poor woman looked like she needed a stiff drink and I needed a lie down in a dark room. Taking my ‘spirited’ child to a shop with 20 expensive bicycles balancing precariously was, in hindsight, not my strongest move. Maybe they should advise tranquillisers before you arrive with youngsters??
Anyway, the ‘geen’ bike has been ordered, husband has sobbed over the bill and it should be here within the week. Due to mastering his balance bike already he shouldn’t need the stabilisers for very long, just long enough to master the mechanics of pedals! Then he’ll be off. My tiny, fragile, innocent bubble boy will take another speedy step away from me and towards grazed knees and bumps on the elbows. But I remember how much fun it is to cycle super fast and want him to experience that thril, that energy, that rush. I shall just be waiting with antiseptic wipes and big hugs

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