25 January 2015

Circle of friends

I moved here to be with Husband from a huge city where I had a small but fab network of close friends, a manic social life and worked in an extremely stressful and busy school. Conversely, where we now live is small and quiet, I knew hardly anyone when I arrived and the school I was employed at was full of middle class children with pushy mothers. Talk about a change of scene! I was convinced I would die of boredom after a few short weeks and for the longest time we rowed constantly over the fact that Husband wouldn't relocate instead. 
In actual fact though, over the last 8 years my network of friends has expanded more than I ever thought possible and I am now surrounded by the most incredible circle of girlfriends which means that our diary is often so busy that it causes Husband to retreat into his office on a Saturday morning groaning!! (it's not that he doesn't enjoy our friends, just that he finds it oh so hard to muster up any energy for, you know, getting dressed and leaving the house, that kind of thing. Once he's out the door he's fine!!)
I am fortunate enough to have the confidence to speak to anyone (my father) combined with the attitude of not giving a shit what randoms think (my mother). This combination can get me into a shed load of grief when I'm drunk but comes in very handy when trying to meet new friends when surrounded by strangers. I have this trait to thank for American Mum, who innocently sat down next to me in Costa once and is now my fellow 'long-haired toddler boy' ally. 
So right now in my life, considering I no longer hold down a job full time in the traditional sense of the word, I am actually busier than ever before (the arrival of two small boys and a dog may have contributed to that element obviously) and hardly ever go back to visit my former beloved city. I guess it's true that life changes and if you can roll with it instead of resisting for the first 5 years in a grump, it's all a lot simpler!!
My girlfriends are such an important element to my mental wellbeing and support network. They are a mixed bunch, creatives and mothers, teachers and directors. I love them all dearly for very different reasons and since entering the motherhood they have only become more integral to my approach. Whether it be advice or comedic relief from toddler hell, they are amazing. I thought it would be nice for me to introduce you to them, one by one, a small profile on a large star in my world. So, keep your eyes peeled for my first 'girlfriend profile', coming this week!!

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