21 January 2015

Lazy days

Golly, there really is something to be said for staying home all day isn’t there? Have been housebound today which I was dreading and for once I actually found it rather relaxing?!

Normally I need to be busy, have tick lists to complete, activities and errands and coffee dates organised to fill my days. It stems from losing my Dad. I was always out and about with toddler (then known as baby!) before he got sick but when he died I couldn’t cope with any ‘downtime’ in the day. I would just dissolve into tears at random moments or sit and stare into space while he played at my feet and then when husband came in I would rather explode with impotent rage or just collapse under the duvet at 7.30pm. It was no fun for anyone involved. So yes, a combination of anti-depressants, coffee and being busy keep me one happy mama.
Today I was tied to the house, however. My mobile phone is temporarily down (transferring my number across networks) so I needed to be near the landline incase nursery rang me with an emergency (they didn’t!) or the estate agent rang to tell me the dream house was available again (they didn’t!)
And I’ve got to say, it was rather nice. I’m not saying I will do it again any time soon but pootling around, tidying up, making phonecalls, not watching the clock all day…it was ‘different’. Baby didn’t die of boredom, I didn’t start to pull my hair out with cabin fever, the kitchen is now tidier than it was this morning…a success!
I have become more aware of how much stuff we own though. Kept looking at bookshelves and cupboards and images of packing boxes floated into my head. Groan!
Maybe it is less stressful to head out tomorrow?!!

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